"The Five Elements"
This was a concept piece for the Elements Festival in Lakewood, PA, USA.  This was a very weird and interesting project as the client was torn about using their existing artwork they had created in early 2020.  Unfortunately all the artwork and logo for their new branding consisted of Covid-looking sun images.  I was commissioned to do a new website using this artwork.  Because of the obvious issues with advertising a music festival with artwork uncomfortably displaying spiky balls floating around, I offered this idea as an alternative.  In the end, they chose to use their existing artwork. So for the website I tried to strip out all the suns as much as possible (I had no control over the poster) and focus on their logo with a hero photo.
Client's existing artwork juxtaposed next to a Covid-19 ad, as you see on a social media feed.  This was a visual to help the client decide if they wanted to rebrand or not.  
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